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We are currently inbetween litters

Hello There, We are currently inbetween litters, if you are intrested in future litters, please drop us an email: info at FourPaw.com. For information about our previous litters, please see below.

About FourPaw

We are a home based breeder dedicated to breeding and raising high quality, high desire, high drive labs in a home environment.  Our pups are showered with family love and affection for the seven to eight weeks they are with us.  Additionally we work with them as soon as they are ready to start exploring the land and water as they look for wings and other items to set them on their way to being excellent working dogs.

Our Breeding Goals

We strive to breed and raise mild tempered, easy to be around labs that enjoy life in the home, but love life outdoors!  To that end our second breeding, between Foxy and Scooter, is aiming to meld the extreme desire and intellegence of the two lines into an awemsone litter of pups! These pups will need a very definate purpose in life and lots of your attention and willingness to work with them and bring out their full potential. I am very confident that the pups will excell in whatever manner you desire to train them!

Our first litter mated our very high desire, high drive Flying lady Foxglove to the mellow, yet driving Willsons Duke Rijae Hall.  Our desire is to produce dogs that are mellow and a pleasure to have in your home or playing with your young children, yet work their tails off for you in the field, on the pond or in the ring!

Flying Lady Foxglove in the field